Friday, August 25, 2023

Brutal assault against 27 year old heart patient.

Sumedha is a 27 year old youth from Panadura. As an infant, both his parents had abandoned him. He was growing under the care of his grandmother and uncle. He had a hole in the heart since birth and he was living with the support of pacing machine. At the age of 13 the pacing machine was removed and he underwent a heart surgery. Now he works as a machine operator. On 21st August 2023 he was assaulted by two police personal attached to Alubomulla police searching for ganja. Their fist blows directed against his chest and stomach. Sumeda told them that he underwent a heart surgery. Then the policemen stopped assaulting and went away. He was hospitalized because of chest pain. Panadura hospital police post recorded a statement from him. The judicial medical officer examined him. Both the occasions Sumeda said that he was assaulted by the police. Up to now, there is no investigation against the two perpetrated police personals called SI Chandana and Maduranga. Sumeda Lakmal has made written complaints to the relevant authorities.